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Pregnancy can be both exciting and uncomfortable at the same time. In fact, the stress on the lower back during the early stages of pregnancy may lead to back and leg pain, which interferes with sleep. That’s why many women seek proper treatments for many prenatal symptoms. While long-term massage therapy can be expensive, using an electric massager is more convenient and easier to use.

Prenatal massage is effective at treating physical and mental stressors that come up over time. However, it may not be for everyone, which leads to concerns about whether it’s safe to use electric massagers during pregnancy. Let’s get right into it.

Can I Use Electric Massagers During Pregnancy?

The answer is YES. Electric massagers are considered safe for pregnant women. However, you will want to avoid massage during the first three months of pregnancy as it may cause dizziness or morning sickness. To ensure that nothing goes wrong during the process, visit your doctor or practitioner before applying an electric massager.

What Types of Electric Massagers Can I Use During Pregnancy?

You can use many different types of electric massagers during pregnancy, most of which have proven effective for pregnant women. Electric massagers like massage guns, massage chairs, or eye massagers can help you relax, ease anxiety and depression, relieve back and leg pain, and treat sleeping disorders.

Where to Avoid Massaging During Pregnancy?

Certain areas are to be avoided when applying an electric massager during pregnancy. Massaging these areas create more problems than any massage can cure.

Your legs. As blood volume increases, pregnant women tend to develop DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). Applying a massager on your legs makes you more susceptible to forming clots.

Belly. It’s a good idea to avoid having your growing tummy massaged since pressure on that could make you uncomfortable. Consider applying anti-stretch mark creams on your belly and prevent any tension in that area.

Pressure points. You have pressure points in some regions of your body, like your wrist, ankles, or between fingers. Applying pressure to these areas causes contractions in your body.

The Bottom Line

Pregnancy comes with a high degree of discomfort and pain. Electric massaging is one of the best ways to make this journey more comfortable as it is cheaper and more efficient than a traditional massager, in which you spend half your time lying face-down on your stomach.

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