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EasyLash™ Self Adhesive Reusable Eyelashes

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EasyLash™ Self Adhesive Reusable Eyelashes

You don’t need glue anymore. Unlike glue and magnetic eyelashes, self-adhesive eyelashes save time, less mess and no irritation! You can get a charming eye make up instantly!


Natural Looking - Made of premium synthetic fibers that result in luscious eyelashes. Our lashes have a nice curling radius and blend seamlessly with real lashes, making your eyes bigger and more glamorous. They are as natural as your real eyelashes without the feeling of wearing false lashes. 


Quick Wear - Through the specially designed eyelash, you can quickly put them on in a few seconds with no need for glue or eyeliner, greatly simplifying your makeup process and saving time and effort!


No irritation - Thoughtfully designed to be gentle on the skin. No irritation, no residue—just a comfortable, allergy-free experience. Embrace the perfect blend of style and comfort with every use.


Reusable & Washasble - When used correctly, our eyelashes are reusable, ensuring a more hygienic and healthy experience. They come with a replaceable adhesive strip that remains secure even after multiple uses. 

Long lasting Wind, water, and smudge-proof, they are designed to hold strong throughout the day, ensuring a flawless look that withstands all elements.

How to use

1. Gently remove the eyelashes from the protective case, ensuring careful handling to maintain their shape.

2. Peel the eyelashes from the adhesive backing, holding them delicately to avoid any distortion. Align and press onto your natural lashes, securing them in place.

3. Place the eyelashes close to the root of your natural lashes, ensuring proper alignment for a seamless blend.


Material: Synthetic Fibers
Size: 16cm*14cm*3.5cm
Weight: 100g

Package Includes

1 x EasyLash™ Self Adhesive Reusable Eyelashes

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