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Fleekin Instant Eyebrow Stamp

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Fleekin Instant Eyebrow Stamp

Brows On Fleek in Seconds!
The Fleekin Instant Eyebrow Stamp is upgraded with an adjustable arch to get the desired arch shape instantly! No more weird, ashy brow shape with the standard stamp.
Each shades are available in 2 ombre shades to match your skin and hair colour for a more natural, flawless brows.


  • Brows On Fleek in Seconds
    Create flawless brows with no fails and zero effort.
  • Adjustable Arch
    Perfect for all brow shapes as you can adjust the arch depending on your brow shape.
  • Fit Different Looks
    D.I.Y. your brows to be straight, slightly curved or bridge shape for gentle or cool look!
  • Ombre Color Combination
    Each set of eyebrow powder has an ombre color combination for a more blended and natural-looking brows.
  • Easy to Apply
    Stamp and you are good to go. No makeup skill required!
  • Waterproof
    No need to worry about sweat in the summer!


  • 1 x Eyebrow¬¨‚Ćstamp
  • 1 x Two-toned eyebrow powder

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