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VanishInk™ Tattoo Removal Treatment Set - 🔥 LAST DAY SALE 80% OFF 🔥

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VanishInk™ Tattoo Removal Treatment Set - 🔥 LAST DAY SALE 80% OFF 🔥

Step into a Future of Clearer Skin

Explore the revolution in tattoo removal with VanishInk™ Tattoo Removal Treatment Set – the swift, painless, and scar-free solution. Utilizing an exclusive formula with PIRETA yeast extract, our treatment set gently dissolves unwanted tattoos, without the need for lasers or surgeries.


VanishInk™ offers a superior solution for quick and safe tattoo removal. Perfect for fixing old tattoos or changing your look, this cream is an effective alternative to painful, costly procedures that can cause scarring and side effects. 

With easy-to-use VanishInk™ spray, you can clear tattoo pigments in just 2 weeks. Then, VanishInk™ helps heal your skin and renew it, giving you a cheaper, non-surgical way to get your natural skin back.

Renew Your Skin With VanishInk™

Experience the transformative potential of VanishInk™. Our advanced formula utilizes Pireta Yeast Extract and natural botanicals to dissolve stubborn tattoo pigments, promoting clearer and healthier skin. See noticeable fading and revitalization in just 14 days. This treatment not only removes tattoos but also deeply penetrates to repair and shield your skin, providing detoxification, cosmetic enhancement, and holistic skincare benefits.

VanishInk™ : How it Works

VanishInk™ operates as a comprehensive tattoo removal treatment set, consisting of a spray and a cream. Infused with the exclusive PIRETA yeast extract, boasting a purity level of over 90% sourced from a rare yeast strain, the spray offers a multifaceted approach to tattoo removal.

This potent ingredient serves a dual purpose: first, by accelerating the renewal of skin cells, aiding in the gradual fading of tattoos, and second, by effectively dissolving synthetic pigments present in tattoos, facilitating their removal from the skin. Additionally, the spray fortifies the skin with vital nutrients, including hyaluronic acid, promoting overall skin health and hydration.

Meanwhile, the cream in the VanishInk™ set complements the spray's action by enhancing the healing process post-treatment, ensuring a swift and effective recovery. It deeply moisturizes the skin, preventing dryness, and supporting healthy skin regeneration. By providing essential nutrients and hydration, the cream aids in the removal of tattoos and promotes a smooth, rejuvenated appearance. Together, the spray and cream work synergistically to efficiently remove tattoos while supporting skin health and promoting moisturized and healthy regeneration.

VanishInk™'s Potent Ingredients

Snail Secretion: Is a natural ingredient known for its potential in tattoo removal due to its skin-renewing properties and ability to fade pigmentation.

Mint Leaf Extract: Known for its cooling and soothing properties, helping to alleviate discomfort and reduce inflammation during the process.

Licorice Root: Has skin-lightening properties, aiding in the gradual fading of pigmentation and promoting a more even skin tone over time.

Chlorella Extract: Renowned for its detoxifying and skin-revitalizing qualities, it assists in eliminating skin toxins and stimulating healthy cell renewal, thereby contributing to the gradual fading of tattoos.

Why VanishInk™ Tattoo Removal Treatment Set is The Best Choice

  • Utilizes natural botanicals to dissolve tattoo pigments and promote skin health.
  • Offers a painless and non-invasive alternative to traditional methods like laser removal.
  • Enhances skin clarity and texture while minimizing irritation and discomfort.
  • Accelerates healing and promotes healthy skin regeneration with moisturizing properties.
  • Provides visible results within a short timeframe, typically within 14 days.
  • Designed for ease of use without professional assistance, making it convenient for at-home use.

Satisfied Feedbacks from Our Customers

"I've been using VanishInk™ for a few weeks now, and I'm amazed at the results! The spray and cream combination is so easy to use, and I've noticed a significant difference in the appearance of my tattoo. They're fading much faster than I expected, and my skin feels so much smoother and healthier. Plus, I love that it's a painless alternative to laser removal. Highly recommend!" - Mathilda Avery

"I was skeptical at first, but VanishInk™ truly delivered! After just a few applications, I noticed a noticeable fading of my tattoo. The spray and cream combo feels gentle on my skin, and I haven't experienced any irritation or discomfort. I appreciate the natural ingredients and the fact that it's non-invasive. I can now apply to a corporate job I've always wanted. Definitely worth trying if you're looking for an effective tattoo removal solution!" - Oliver Stump

Instructions for VanishInk™:

  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the tattoo area.
  2. Apply the VanishInk™ spray evenly over the tattoo.
  3. After spraying, gently massage the VanishInk™ cream into the skin for a few minutes to enhance penetration and efficacy.
  4. Allow the cream to absorb fully into the skin.
  5. For optimal results, use the VanishInk™ treatment set nightly.

Package Includes:

VanishInk™ Tattoo Removal Cream (1 Spray, 1 Cream)

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